Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The ATMs bringing cheap, safe water to Nairobi's slums

The water reaches the ATM through 18 km of newly laid pipes, connected from the city’s main supply lines which receive treated water from Ndakaini Dam, the main reservoir for the city’s more than 3 million residents.

“Apart from knowing we are drinking and using safe water, the vending machines have also helped us cut costs,” Muiruri says. “I can put the difference saved back into my business.”

The daily income in a slum household in Kenya is just over a dollar, and the average home uses around 100 litres of water a week. The water vendors operating in the slum would charge Sh50 (50 cents) for a 20 litre container of water. With the introduction of the ATMs, weekly expenditure on water in Mathare has been reduced from Sh250 ($2.5) to Sh2.50 (2.5 cents).

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