Friday, March 30, 2007

(30 March 2007) Hi From Africa

Hi everyone! Youll have to forgive my lack of punctuation and any misspellings because this computer is in French mode and none of the punctuation is what its listed as on the computer.  Senegal is AWESOME!!! Ive had 9 shots so far with more on the way but Im mostly healthy and having a blast:  Ive moved in with my host family until May11. I have a mom dad 3 sisters and 2 brothers who are super cool.  I just bought a cell phone but it costs me 50 cents a minute to call out.  If you want the number to call me let me know or ask Shelly my mom or Bridget.  Incoming calls are free.  Its hard to think of what to say about everything so far except that we are consumed by training 6 days a week for close to 12hrs a day.  

The weather is great.  Here in Thies its around 70something at 7am and gets up to at least the 90s in the afternoon.  Last week we traveled to different sites around the country and the temp was well into the 110s. WELL into...

Most of our training right now is for language and Im learning Wolof.  The rest is spent in technical crosscultural medical and other sessions.  I think that learning the language and being able to and comfortable communicating in it is going to be one of the hardest parts about the PC. A close second is going to be that we rarely see any tangible positive result of our efforts in the time we spend here.  What we're doing is key to helping Africa improve the health of its people but its a slow grassroots process that will continue long after I finish my short 2 years here.  Despite this reality however I am so glad to be here experiencing all of this and getting a firsthand view of some of the health care issues here.  I have to get going for now but keep checking for updates and feel free to send mail or packages!!! My mom Shelly Bridget and a few others have the address: Miss you all!

Asaala Maalekum to all of you!
Sharon aka Nafi Djob
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