Sunday, April 8, 2007

(8 April 2007) Wolof Phrases

Happy Easter everyone!

With all the time I spend learning and practicing Wolof I thought it might be interesting to share a few phrases with you.  Some are commonly used, others are simply amusing. Unfortunately I haven't figured out the accents, tildas, or other dash thingys but I'm sure you won't mind.  Also, feel free to send snail mail (Always AWESOME), emails, or myspace comments.  and a big THANKS to everyone who has!!!

Asalaa Maalekum?: Do you have peace (standard greeting: SG)
Maalekum Salaam: Peace only (standard response:SR, even if you're on your deathbed)

Nanga Def?: How are you? (SG)
Maangiy fi rekk: I have peace (SR; even if you're dying)

Naka waa ker ga?: How is your family (SG)
Nunga fa: They have peace (SR same as above)

Jamm nga fananne? : Did you pass the night in peace?
Jamm rekk : Peace only (SR)

Jamm nga yendoo?: Did you pass the day in peace?
Jamm rekk: Peace Only

Mbokki fan? : Where are you from?
Mbokki CA: I'm from CA

Looy Liggeey? : what do you do?
Wolunteer u Corps de la Paix laa. Maangiy liggeey ci mbirum wer gu yaram: I'm a PC volunteer working in the health program

Ba beneen yoon: See you next time (also said to people asking you for gifts to make them go away)

Nanka nank muoi jap gollo sine yaye: (proverb) Little by little you catch the monkey in the forest

Jaay fonde: this literally translates (LT) to "one who sells porrige" but means big butt.  Supposedly if you eat a lot of this porridge you'll get a jaay fonde  If you have a "jaay fonde" you have a nice butt.

bantu yalla: (LT) is "sticks of god", people here are superstitious of counting their children so you refer to them as sticks of god instead of children

Naata bantu yalla nga am?: How many sticks of god do you have?

coof: LT is "the most expensive fish in Senegal" but it's used to refer to someone's boyfriend.

Am nga jekker? Do you have a husband?

Mes nga am jafe jafe ak goor?: Have you already had problems with men?

amul bobb amul geen: It doesnt have a head or a tail ( an expression for when something doesnt make sense)

Well gotta run, I'm out of computer time. Miss you all!!! I'll upload photos or links to them as soon as I can.


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