Monday, July 6, 2015

Magazine: Dreams of Kurdistan - Al Jazeera English

Magazine: Dreams of Kurdistan - Al Jazeera English: "Twenty-six-year-old Wisam Yusuf is a Yazidi Kurd from Sinjar and one of the workers at the World Trade Center. After the ISIL attack on his home, he fled with 22 members of his family.
"You can't even imagine what the people suffered. Everybody was trying to save himself," he says.
Wisam says his older brother was captured trying to carry out his two-month-old daughter and has not been heard from since.
He saw things he finds almost too difficult to recount.
"I saw a woman give birth to twins and she had to leave them under a tree," Wisam's voice cracks and he looks away. Then he cries.
"I'm coming here to make money so we can leave Iraq. Even if peace comes, we will never go back.""

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