Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Iran nuclear deal: should we give peace a chance? - Telegraph

Iran nuclear deal: should we give peace a chance? - Telegraph: "The Iran nuclear deal has historical value because it depicts a crystal-clear image of current global affairs. The United States and Europe, for different reasons, wanted to close a bitter chapter of their past, while China and Russia are carefully designing a future geopolitical strategy in proximity to each other. Iran has exploited these motives to its advantage and it has managed to shed the tough sanctions regime, which has choked its economy, while promising to downgrade but not end its nuclear enrichment programme.
The political meaning of this settlement goes far beyond the nuclear domain. This is about how the United States intends to carry out its foreign policy in the region and what role Iran will have as a regional power. Whatever the consequences of this deal, politics in the Middle East will be different from now on."

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