Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Innovative models, finance and approaches to tackle the SDGs | Devex

Innovative models, finance and approaches to tackle the SDGs | Devex: "Banking giants like Credit Suisse are also innovating and designing products that target base-of-the-pyramid consumers and small and midsize enterprises, which could play a part in the effort to develop new financing mechanisms for the SDGs. Client demand has driven the company to first develop microfinance products and increasingly explore additional impact investing products, said Laura Hemrika, the head of Credit Suisse’s impact and microfinance capacity building initiative.

“We need mortgage products, business loans, personal loans — there’s no reason people at the base of the pyramid don’t need those,” she said.

The challenge is developing the right types of products that are profitable, scalable and work for the customers at the base of the pyramid. Credit Suisse is partnering and supporting some capacity building and product development to help create additional financing mechanisms — a move that may also lead to increased investment opportunities for the company’s clients. But the company still has a lot to learn and certainly sees more room for innovation, she said."

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