Thursday, January 21, 2016

Saving more lives with business on board | Devex

Saving more lives with business on board | Devex: "Win-win: A collaboration success story

What have we gained from partnering with Flexiway?

We’ve got the lights we desperately needed — and at a reduced price, given our key role in research and development, led by our ICT for development team, ICT4D. And thanks to Concern’s feedback, on-the-ground experience and access to far-flung rural settings, Flexiway has developed a superior and much-needed product.

In 2014, the company was acquired by NRS International, a leader in emergency and public health supplies. NRS International has now redesigned its temporary shelters used in humanitarian and refugee settings to house the solar lights in special pockets.

Meanwhile, we’re providing NRS International with product development feedback on its medical light kit — each of which has four solar lights and two solar head torches — from midwives and other health workers caring for pregnant women and newborns in Kenya and Sierra Leone."

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