Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Map of Terror: Where Will ISIS Strike Next? - NBC News

Map of Terror: Where Will ISIS Strike Next? - NBC News: "But the senior U.S. intelligence official said the recent attacks raise concerns about one worst case scenario that the CIA has long feared — that senior military officers from Saddam Hussein's vaunted Baathist Party are leading ISIS efforts to attack the West.

One of the biggest strategic blunders of the Iraq war was the Bush administration's demobilization of the Baath party's military and police agencies in 2003, which created a vast reservoir of men who were heavily armed, well-trained, bitterly resentful and unemployed. In recent years, authorities have gathered evidence that some of these men, including former senior Baath party military officials, have not only joined ISIS but have provided training and strategic operational guidance to the terror network that have helped it take so much territory in Iraq and Syria."

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