Thursday, July 14, 2016

Silicon Valley denizens have their own language |

Silicon Valley denizens have their own language | "You can’t talk to people in Silicon Valley anymore. They don’t even speak our language.

By that, I’m not referencing Mark Zuckerberg’s mediocre Mandarin or the software code underlying so many Valley endeavors. I’m talking, literally, about the words Valley denizens use when they speak, in sentences like: “Yeah, that startup has some cool gamification, but it’s an X for Y model, they don’t even have a minimum viable product, and that space is already in Hype Cycle. Their only hope is to pull off an acqui-hire. And even then, I don’t know if they have a total addressable market.”

In other words (rough translation of above sentence: that startup is a cool place to work but will die), our technological masters no longer speak the same language that most Californians do. And that is just one sign of a growing divide between tech and non-tech here. The Valley’s growing cadres of wealthy and powerful technocrati have turned the Bay Area into an island, cut off from the rest of struggling California. Their outlook and lives are global, while most of the rest of us exist locally. There are chasms between their technological sophistication and ours, between their venture-backed business methods and our adherence to accounting principles, and between our ethnic and gender diversity and their lack of it."

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