Friday, September 5, 2014

Post Peace Corps Sacrifice | Vaughan's Voice

Post Peace Corps Sacrifice | Vaughan's Voice: "When I tell people I served in the Peace Corps, most people react with a big “Wow. THAT must have been hard.” They seem to think that living in a developing country for 2 years must have been a filled with sacrifices. Truth be told, I did “give up” a lot. I gave up 24/7 access to high speed internet and was left with one internet day a week. I missed a lot of things. Food, drink, family, friends, and a language I was 100% versed in.

But now that I’ve been back in America for 8 months, I’m starting to realize that the sacrifices I made leaving the US for Paraguay, my host country, were nothing compared to the sacrifices I made when I finished my service and got on a plane headed back to North America. I realize this may be hard for some Americans to understand, so I’ve decided to use the power of GIFs to express just what I gave up when I left Paraguay and what life in the US has given me instead."

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