Tuesday, April 22, 2014

International Development News | The ‘butterfly effect’ in international development

International Development News | The ‘butterfly effect’ in international development: "One of the most common mistakes made by international development agencies based in Europe or the United States is to write donor funding proposals from afar. They are designed to reflect the latest ideas, trends or research, but take little or no account of realities on the ground due to lack of meaningful consultation with affected communities.

Typically, an agency will sign a financial contract with a donor whereby the agency will commit to tackle specific issues in a set amount of time, and is accountable to the donor regarding exactly how funds are spent. There is always a huge pressure to deliver impressive end-of-project reports that may — due to fears over future funding — not always tell the full story.

In essence, this means that funding opportunities tendered by external governments, high-value donors or international bodies can actually dictate the type and context of a given development project, rather than the potential beneficiaries’ genuine and most pressing needs at the time."

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