Saturday, August 29, 2015

Scientists Hit Back At Scottish Ban On Growing GM Crops | IFLScience

Scientists Hit Back At Scottish Ban On Growing GM Crops | IFLScience: "Professor Alan Alexander, General Secretary of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, said in a statement: “As a national academy charged with the ‘advancement of learning and useful knowledge’ we are strongly committed to evidence led policy making. We are concerned that the scientific case for well regulated use of biotechnology has not been sufficiently heeded.

“Scottish Government statements implying that GMOs are ‘unethical’ have given an anti-science message that may prove to be very damaging to the long established outstanding reputation of Scotland within the international scientific community.”

The letter highlights the contributions GM research can make, from developing potatoes that can reduce fungicide use to making oilseeds enriched with omega-3, which could provide Scotland with a more sustainable source of feed for salmon farming. The signatories urge Lochhead to meet with them to discuss their concern on the ban that “surprises and disappoints many scientists and non-scientists alike.”"

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