Wednesday, May 7, 2014

H-1B visa spouses to get work permits soon - The Hindu

H-1B visa spouses to get work permits soon - The Hindu: "The changes were initially announced in 2013, a few months after The Hindu carried a series of articles (‘For Indian women in America, a sea of broken dreams,’ July 29, 2012 and ‘On the H-4, a trail of misery and lonely battles,’ July 30, 2012) that spotlighted the debilitating personal circumstances faced by many H-4s.

These included depression, loss of enthusiasm and self-esteem associated with joblessness and social isolation, in numerous cases leading to mental health issues or familial breakdown.

Reflecting a greater sensitivity to this reality of spouses of H-1B visa holders, the DHS said during its initial announcement of the proposed changes that it, “recognises that the limitation on the period of stay is not the only event that could cause an H-1B worker to leave his or her employment and cause disruption to the employer's business, inclusive of the loss of significant time and money invested in the immigration process... This rule will encourage H-1B skilled workers to not abandon their adjustment application because their H-4 spouse is unable to work.”"

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